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  • February 17, 2016


    SMEs & startups, accelerators, Annex

  • October 27, 2015

    OASC Session ICT 2015

    CONTENTS 1. Why OASC? Martin Brynskov, Aarhus University, Chair OASC 2. OASC mechanisms, Juanjo Hierro, Telefonica, Chief Architect of FIWARE, OASC task force. 3. City of Antwerp, Prof. Pieter Ballon, Director Living Labs, iMinds, OASC task force 4. City of Tampere, Seppo Haataja, Director InnovaPon programmes, OASC Director 5. Hostabee, Vincent DemorPer, Hostabee, FI-C3 A16 6. The Porto FIWARE Ecosystem, Rui Costa, Ubiwhere 7. Q&A

  • May 14, 2015

    FIWARE Accelerator Programme Results - May 2015

    Infographic of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme’s results in May 2015. For more info, visit

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INternet Cleantech ENablers Spark project (INCENSe) aims to foster innovation and high tech employment in the European Energy Sector through the provision of funding and providing world-class acceleration services to support entrepreneurs in the creation of innovative market-oriented solutions able to make energy smarter, reliable and efficient. The acceleration services provided are:

  • funding, up to 150.000 € per beneficiary
  • coaching, 6 months personalized acceleration programme
  • Access to Enel and Endesa facilities and customers for executing pilot tests to validate MVP.
  • brokerage with investors & markets and
  • facilitate a sustainable path for each beneficiary through the Extended Investments Phase, providing additional investment to the EU funding & commercial uptake.

490 SMEs and Start-ups applied using the FundingBox contest tool to create innovative internet based business ideas in the Cleantech sector using FIWARE technologies through two Open Calls with the aim of selecting 42 Start-ups.

Applications were evaluated by an External Expert Evaluation Panel applying transparent evaluation criteria:

  • Business Potential: each project was evaluated on a business perspective, in order to understand which of them have more opportunities to create real value.
  • Quality of the Management team: a great idea needs great people to become a success; this is why INCENSe has evaluated the quality of each team, in order to assess their ability to generate innovation and to react to changes.

  • Strategic fit: INCENSe looks for Startups with a strong strategic fit with the Cleantech sector, developing services and applications with a societal and business value.
  • Use of FIWARE Technologies: the link each proposed project has with the FIWARE already developed enablers was also evaluated. Start using FIWARE right now!

A repository of useful documents can be found: Guide for applicants and FAQs

Final beneficiaries were selected during a Pitching & Awarding Event where all finalists participated.

Finally, 42 SMEs and Start-ups were granted with the acceleration services above mentioned.

INCENSe is one of the 16 Future Internet Accelerators from the FIWARE Programme, funded by the EC, which aims to support entrepreneurs to capture the opportunities coming from a new wave of digitalization and place Europe in the centre of the Internet Economy.

Led by leading companies in the energy sector: ENEL & ENDESA
Accelerated by best in class accelerator: ACCELERACE
Powered by the largest public funding platform for start-ups: FundingBox

    Italy’s largest power company, it is a leading player in Europe and Latin America, operating in 32 countries and serving approximately 61 million customers.



    Leading utility in Spain and second operator in the Portuguese electrical market serving 11.2 million customers.



    Biggest Danish acceleration initiative with its own acceleration methodology validated in more than 250 startups.



    First and largest public/private funding platform for startups and Entrepreneurs sponsored by the EC.



FIWARE CleanTech Network


FIWARE has launched a Q&A platform in order to provide answers to technical questions but also to any kind of questions around FIWARE (FIWARE Accelerator programme, the FIWARE mundus programme, the iHubs programme, etc ...). Visit

The platform is configured so that any user can contribute answering questions, so they can get involved in the support to other users. Regarding technical questions on the FIWARE platform, this may pay the way for some users who show a strong commitment answering questions formulated by other users, to qualify as FIWARE Chapter Active Contributors.

The Q&A platform is based in the well-known and reputed Askbot platform, widely used by several communities. Do not hesitate to formulate your questions.


INCENSe is the only Accelerator focused on Cleantech from the European Commission FIWARE initiative.
There are more than 45 Generic Enablers, available at FIWARE Portal,, INCENSe project has identified the more suitable for energy sector and Cleantech in particular aiming at facilitating somehow FIWARE approach to applicants beginning in FIWARE Cleantech domain.
15 enablers have been identified according their interest and architectures:

  1. -Advanced web –based user Interface. 3D&AR capabilities for web-based IU
  2. -IoT/Service enablements, make connected things available,searchable, accesible and usable
  3. -Security. Make delivery and usage of services trustworthy by meeting security and privacy requirements
  4. -Cloud Hosting provides computation, storage and network resources to manage services.
  5. -Data/Context Management, eassing acces, gathering, processing, publication and analysis of context.
  6. -Applications/Services and Data Delivery, co-create, publsh, cross-sell and consume apps/services , addressing all business aspects.

Advanced Web-based User Interface

    POI-DP is a generic enabler, which provides Interest via RESTful web service API.


POI Data Provider

IoT Services Enablement

    The IoT Broker is a middleware component enabling applications to retrieve aggregated information from Internet-of-Things installations that consist of a multitude of devices and gateways.


IoT Broker

    Backend Device Management.



    IoT Linked-Data Platform and NGSI-9 Server.


IoT Discovery

    This GE is in charge of real-time data processing within the Gateway.


IoT Data Edge Consolidation GE - Cepheus


    Security Monitoring Security monitoring is a suite of services for making support and technical forensics.


Security Monitoring

Cloud Hosting

    This Generic Enabler implementation can be used for the monitoring of virtual machines deployed in any Cloud system.


Monitoring GE - Sextant

    This Generic Enabler Implementation allows objects to be stored in appropriate containers in the cloud.


Object Storage GE - FI-WARE

Data/Context Management

    Monitoring and control of the BigData Analysis GE.


BigData Analysis - Cosmos

    Orion Context Broker Orion Context Broker is an implementation of NGSI9 and NGIS10 with persistence storage based in MongoDB.


Orion Context Broker

Applications/Services and Data Delivery

    The Store GE offers support for selling services to both consumers and developers of Future Internet applications and services and for end-to-end managing of offerings and sales.


Store - WStore

    Offers a composition editor and execution engine that allows end users with little or no programming skills to create and run a composite web application front-end as a mashup built from widgets and operators relaying on backend data sources and services.


Application Mashup - Wirecloud

    An instrument to facilitate commerce by bringing together vendors and buyers.


Marketplace - WMarket

    The Revenue Settlement and Sharing System GE distribute revenues among stakeholders.


Revenue Settlement and Sharing System

Go to our FIWARE Q&A section if you have any question.

1st INCENSe Open Call winners.

2nd INCENSe Open Call winners.


June, 29 @ 09:00

INCENSe Investors' Meeting & FIWARE Energy Meetup

The consortium of companies leading INCENSe has the pleasure to invite you to the INCENSe Investors' Meeting & FIWARE Energy Meetup to be held jointly on June 29th at 09:00 h in Madrid\, Spain. The best European 28 CleanTech startups\, winners of the INCENSe 2nd call\, will pitch to show their solutions developed under the INCENSe acceleration programme. Come and find new business opportunities and the most innovative and smartest energy solutions.  In addition to the Investor Meeting\, other FIWARE Energy Meetup activities will take place:  Round tables and conferences about Future Internet\, FIWARE\, the secrets of successful startups or innovative trends in the energy field. Networking area. Visit to be updated. Final agenda to be announced soon. Only previously registered attendees will be permitted to access to the event. Link registration here