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I am Amir Chetsrony and I am the VP of Business Development in Augwind

What is your Augwind?

A good question, with a bit complicated answer. In a nutshell, we offer a huge storage device for compressed air. OK, and now you probably asking yourself why would anyone want to store compressed air? Well, it has several applications but mostly n large industrial plant as a buffer between the compressors and the machines that consume air – this will result in energy savings that can reach up to 40%, yes 40%.
And in terms of Compressed Air Energy Storage – that is, a battery: when you have an excessive amount of electricity you compress air into our tank, and when you need it back as electricity you release the air through a turbine.
By the way, the idea of using compressed air tanks in these manners is not unique, but the new and interesting part is to have an underground elastic tank that uses the soil geo-mechanical properties to hold the forces involved. This means that our tank does not need to be strong or thick by itself, because we use the ground itself as a “wall”, which is a very robust and large wall…. Resulting in a very cost effective solution.

Your background?

I worked on robots for cleaning solar panels and when I realized the advance in drones and their flight times I recognized that drones could be the solution to bring a higher degree of automation to the maintenance of solar panels.

How did it all start?

CEO Or Yogev has done his PHD in Caltech. While driving through Texas, Or saw all the wind farms not working, even though it was very hot (and electricity demand was high). On his way back when it was rather cold the wind turbines were working at full capacity. So, Or got inspired to find a storage solution that is both robust in terms of capacity and also has a minimum over ground footprint.

Solving more problems?

Yes, absolutely. On one hand we want to provide a solution that saves a lot of money for industrial plants – a cost effective solution for large volumes. And at the same time to develop a viable storage solution for renewable energy sources as well as traditional generation units.


When using Fiware we will have a solid and trust-worthy system for monitoring and controlling tanks that are connected to industrial plant. So now we can finally optimize the plants compressors.


It was a very simple choice as the INCENSe program offered the 3 elements that we needed: The business support, the monitoring and control system with Fiware and the connection to Enel and Endesa.

Experiences so far?

We feel that most of the value has been gained by the business support and the pitch camp – both gave us an important value, mostly by forcing us to do things that we know are vital but are always left aside because of the ongoing business operations.

The work?

It has been a lot of work for us to have a really good segmentation of our clients, and we needed to meet with many of them to actually understand what their needs and problems are and what make them relevant clients and early adaptors. So far we have managed to have first clients, and we finally have a solid sales & marketing plan that we can execute.

Expectations for the coming 12 months?

We expect to have more than 10 installations with clients with at least one overseas. Also, we are expecting to have major growth in the company man power.

If you want to know more, please contact VP Amir Chetsrony, AugWind at