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I am Luis María Barreiro Abraira sales director of BIG DATA FOR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS - BD4BS. The company provides energy production optimization services for the photovoltaic industry through the analysis of monitoring, operations, maintenance and external data to audit energy production at the minimum possible level and based in machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms generate recommendations for the O&M team that maximize the energy production.

Why BD4BS?

Did you know, that more than 70% of the PhotoVoltic facilities are not fulfilling the capacity level they have been designed for?
Approx. a year ago we discovered that the PhotoVoltic industry is facing this very important problem and realized that we actually had the combination of knowledge and experience to solve it.We made the decision to join forces and created BD4BS. So, by merging dozens of years of experience in both, analytics and PV industry we help provide a PV production increase of up to 9% - this equals millions of dollars incremental revenue in the life span of an industrial PV facility.

And what about FIWARE technology?

The Fiware technology has provided us with an impressive big data IT platform. For our technology solution is has been key in speeding up and supporting the first steps for us as an analytics start-up.


Looking at the Incense Call and discovering that ENEL, which is an impressive worldwide reference in the energy area, was part of the consortium, made us certain that this was the right choice. The combination of business acceleration and financial support – plus a free FIWARE platform have been key elements for us in our first steps.
- It has been a great decision!

Your experiences with the program so far?

I think it is great in multiple areas:
Camps and training have been extremely valuable and with the continuous support from our coach and the entire INCENSe organisation it is a perfect combination. We certainly have been continuously challenged – which is always great for a Start Up.

Challenges and highlights?

Sometimes Technology and IT infrastructure is not always easy to handle, time is always against you and you never have the speed you would like to.
I think that when we went from expressing an idea into the validation of the product, this has so far been the most rewarding experience and a significant highlight. As a founder of start-up you are the firmest believer in your idea but when corporate companies like Enel and Endesa -reputed players in the market - believe and support your idea you really experience the validation and see the first success.

What's next?

We certainly look for investments that would help accelerate our plan:
Now we are launching an Alpha Tester program, for which ENEL will be one of the most important participants. We expect to have a full operational engine and 5 additional references by end of 2016 - we plan to open an office in the US in Q2 2017 and at the same time progress in EMEA. And in 2018 we will open a new Asia Pac office.
So we are ambitious - and pretty busy.

If you want to hear more, please contact me at Luis María Barreiro Abraira at