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I am Luca Ruggeri and I am the CTO of Scuter. Scuter is developing and launching an electric scooter, three-wheeled and homologated to be driven without wearing a helmet in combination with a scooter sharing service.

Why Scuter?

Well, we live in Rome in Italy where traffic jam, pollution and spending in average two working weeks per year in your car - stuck in the traffic jam- is normal!
That’s unbearable and we had to fix that!
We really wanted to improve people’s life by giving them fast commuting through the city – and there are approx. 60 other cities like Rome in Europe where traffic is a nightmare.
Two of our founders knew the automotive and motorcycles business, two other founders had their car stolen and needed new vehicles and the last one broke his old scooter in Jan 2015. So, the decision was easy and the deal was done!

Yet another vehicle sharing startup?

I knew you would say that! But we differ as we don’t force people to wearing a sweated and not clean helmet. And why would you use petrol in 2016?

Your technology challenges?

When talking about technology, wisdom says “never reinvent the wheel”. That’s the principle we applied to Scuter as well. Apart from the vehicle, the “software” part of our initiative can be modeled as a distributed smart city platform based on Internet of Things concept. So the problems and technical decisions are basically the same as most of similar applications. Fiware was our wheel and we can focus on “customer journey” rather than software components and integration.
To find a technological partner for the hw/sw platform has been difficult as very few suppliers were offering a mature solution. Thanks to the team’s resilience, the homologation of the vehicle is in process, the vehicle is practically ready to go on the road, and investors are definitely interested.

Why apply for INCENSe?

Well, When we applied for the INCENSe program we weren’t invoicing yet and then the funding from Business Angels, Venture Capitals and Funds is essential. The money is blessed but the accelerator process, the mentorship and the special advisory lab with experts on the business area is of the highest value to us and the access to FIWARE software and expertise counted too.
But the most significant value of INCENSe is the synergies of working with Enel and Endesa where you can e.g. test your technology, create partnerships – that really makes a huge impact on our business.

What's next?

A quantum leap 12 months ahead: we have done the first technology and market test in Rome, we have set up the first company fleet in Milan, we’ve launched the service in Rome and now we are about to start the market test in Milan –
Yes, we do expect a lot from the next 12 months!
There is still some way to go. But seeing the vehicle prototype riding in the real traffic in the center of Rome - That was the most rewarding moment we have experienced so far!

If you want to hear more, you can contact me, Luca Ruggeri, at or at Tel +39 338 27 30 563.